6:30 PM EST

What is AFSM?

Anti Flower Show Movement is an idea that sparks an interest in others to break free from a cycle. A cycle of normality and voicelessness. Anti Flower Show Movement is managed and ran by multiple people, running multiple tasks. There is no current existing founder, and there is no current leadership, anyone can, and could possibly already be engaging in this movement. Our facilities and safe ground can be found in California, to New York City, if you must seek assistance immediately, please use our contact option to reach an available agent.

Who is 'Lil Neek'?

According to our sources (Facility 39 93 FAHP) 'Lil Neek' has current control of a certain sector of our social media platform, retaining control of our name and using it for self monetization. We have tried multiple times to regain control, but it is best to ignore. Other speculations have lead people to believe the source of AFSM(TM) Merchandise is produced 'Lil Neek's location, but later proven false after reviewal of information brought forward. We do not condone 'Lil Neek' behavior, and we do not appreciate his efforts on our account. If you have more information leading to 'Lil Neek' please bring forward to a local AFSM facility.